We Give For His Glory

Recently I heard a sermon from Dr. David Platt on giving, based on Psalm 86. I want to borrow from his exhortations and applications: Five Motives or Worldly Giving: Pride. Power. Guilt. Greed. Temporary need. Five Motives for Godly Giving: Grace from God. Glory for God. Good for others’ lives. Godliness in our lives. EternalContinue reading “We Give For His Glory”

Make the Most Out of Christmas Worship Gatherings This Year

Want to make the most out of the Christmas worship gatherings that you attend during the month of December? It’s a question that we all ask ourselves every time we near the season. So, do you? If you do, here a few things to try this Christmas season when you come to any worship gatheringContinue reading “Make the Most Out of Christmas Worship Gatherings This Year”

humbling to say the least

Defining this past Tuesday as humbling is an understatement. I had the privilege, and let me iterate, privilege, of seeing husband and wives, moms and dads, men and women, be commissioned to the greatest mission field with the greatest story of all time in their hands and on their hearts. Seeing everyday, ordinary people willinglyContinue reading “humbling to say the least”