What We Teach Our Kids Today

Have you ever thought about what you were taught as a kid?

From learning the basics of reading, writing, addition and subtraction, to everyday life responsibilities like tying your shoes, someone played a part in teaching you these things. Whether it was a parent or another person, they taught you what you know and carry with you today.

What if we choose to teach our kids the basics of life, but also the ways of the Lord? What if we choose to take heart the privilege and responsibility to teach them who God is and what He has accomplished and now wants for them?

What we teach our kids today will impact them for the rest of their lives.

What we teach our kids today will literally impact them for their rest of their lives. And not only that, it will impact the generations to come. If we choose to teach them only the basics, then we are missing something. While the basics of life are important, the most important things we should teach are the ways of the Lord.

When we impart the ways of the Lord upon our children, give them a desire to know God and love him, and to make him known. As followers of Jesus, don’t we want our kids to have relationship with him?

So, what do we teach our kids about the Lord?

We teach them the nature of God and the characteristics of God. We teach them about his majesty and splendor. We teach them about his holiness and righteousness. We teach them theology—the study of God.

We teach it to them so, in turn, they can teach it to their children (Deut. 6).

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