Do You Kids Know You Love Jesus?

What a surprise question to ask, right?

But in all honesty, do your kids know that you love Jesus?

In a world that is competing for your time, energy, and thoughts, do you children see that you have a growing relationship with the Lord on a consistent basis? Do you kids know that you spend time with Jesus on a daily basis by reading his Word, praying to him, and serving those around you? Do they see a reflection of a son or daughter of King Jesus?

Our children will emulate what we do. They are like little hawks watching our every move, hearing and taking in every word that comes from our mouths. They see things that we miss. They hear things that we never thought we even said. If they are so in tune with their parents, shouldn’t we be in tune with what they are seeing and hearing from us?

I want to encourage you to be a person who loves Jesus not in just word only, but in action. Show your children that you love Jesus by telling them about him, by displaying love towards them, and serving others around you. Let them hear you talk about the love that you have for Christ Jesus. Let them hear you pray for them and for others. Let them see you serve others. Invite your kids into your space you have created to spend time with Jesus. Let them see your love for Christ overflow from this personal time into the normal rhythm of life.

So, do your kids know that you love Jesus?

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