What is Foundations?

Over the course of the last three years, the Lord has taken me on a journey to see a primary text in the life of a believer—Deuteronomy 6. He has exposed his truth of gifting parents with a unique task of raising children for his renown and glory. Parents exist to (1) have a relationship with Jesus, and (2) to point their children to Jesus and allow him to determine their steps.

With this task, parents have not only the obligation but also the distinct privilege of parenting their children for God. Another way of putting it:

Parenting is “shepherding a child on God’s behalf.”

Paul David Tripp

I have never thought of it like that. But in reality, this is exactly what the Scriptures tell those who are in Christ—those who have trusted Christ alone for their salvation—are to do with their children. Raise them, not to merely be successful, but raise them to seek God’s glory and renown among all the peoples of the world.

As sheep need a shepherd to lead, guide, and direct them, our children need us as parents to lead, guide, and direct. However, we do not do so by worldly standards. We do so with a gaze set towards Christ Jesus. We do so with our aim being Jesus and his global fame among the nations of the world.

With that in mind, and following the promoting of the Holy Spirit, I began work on Foundations: A Christ-Centered Parenting Journey that takes the framework developed my Matt Chandler and Adam Griffin in their book Family Discipleship, and built a 16–session study on building a foundation for parents being the primary disciple-makers in the lives of their children.

Foundations is strategically titled like this so that parents see that this is just the beginning. The course helps parents begin to build a culture of disciple-making in their homes with the goal of not outsourcing it to the local church or someone else. Pastor-Author Daniel Im wrote a book called No Silver Bullets that helped show there is no one way for doing ministry. In the same light, Foundations is not a silver bullet to help parents parent better, or give them a one-stop shop for discipleship in their homes, but a challenge, exposed by the Scriptures, to live up to their God-given responsibilities.

While the journey is never over, parents in the United States have a finite amount of time to impact their children—both in a positive and negative way. We are parents need to view this time as something special, given to us by God, to be used for Him in the life of our children.

Foundations provides a starting point for parents and families. Through careful exposition of God’s Word, parents will see they “why”. They will see why it is so vitally important to impact their children on a daily basis for the Lord Jesus. They will see why the task is so important, and why ultimately the Great Commission rests upon our shoulders.

Will you take this journey with me?

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