Photos from Easter


This past weekend, we gathered as the Church. We gathered as a part of the bigger, global church, under the name of Jesus. We gathered as the church to worship the One who defeated death, conquered the grave, and crushed the enemy once and for all. We gathered to worship the resurrected King,



I had a special guest lead with me this year… a two-year old, who loves music just as much, if not more than I do. It was an honor to lead with Jude, and I look forward to leading with him again and again! It is my prayer that Jude would grow in the Gospel as he grows, and that he would be willing to give his life to seeing the Kingdom of God advance to the ends of the earth all for the glory of Christ.



Such an honor to lead with so many different people! Eternally grateful for the willingness of this group to use their gifts and talents to lead people in worship!


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