Make the Most Out of Christmas Worship Gatherings This Year

Want to make the most out of the Christmas worship gatherings that you attend during the month of December? It’s a question that we all ask ourselves every time we near the season. So, do you?

If you do, here a few things to try this Christmas season when you come to any worship gathering or service:

1. Arrive Early

Christmas gatherings or services are some of the most attended in the year. So what better thing to do than to arrive early. You won’t get caught in the traffic coming into the parking lot, and then the mad rush to the door. Get there early and go ahead and find a seat. This will help everyone, especially those who may be getting there a little later for one reason or another.

2. Sit Closer to the Front

I know just saying that causes some pain inside your stomach. Try it. I dare you! When you arrive, go ahead and move closer to the front. Move our of your normal seat, and sit somewhere else. Free up spaces in the rear of the building for others. You never know, you may end up meeting someone you have never met or have a conversation with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. This is another opportunity to serve people around you.

3. Bring your Bible

Now you may be thinking, why say this? It’s a given, right? One of the best ways for you to interact with people is to share the good news with them. Share you Bible with someone around you that may have forgotten it, or doesn’t have one. Share the Light of Christ with them this Christmas season.

4. Engage in Musical Worship

This is another “should-be” given to do, but we need to be reminded to engage in all aspects of the worship gatherings. Many familiar songs will be sung, and played. Engage with them. Don’t just sit there like Scrooge. See what you are singing and see that the King of Glory is it’s subject!

5. Give, Give, and Give

The Christmas season is about giving, not receiving. Give, give, and then give some more. If your church engages in a global missions offering or the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, I encourage you to give over and above to those opportunities. We have been given access to Christ. Don’t we want everyone all over the globe to have that same access to hear the Gospel?

6. Invite Someone to Join You

Invite family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, whomever to attend with you this Christmas season. Not only reach out to them, but also share the good news – that Christ has come; that hope has come; that salvation has come!

7. Read an Advent Guide

Find a reading guide for Advent. Some that I recommend:

  • To Us a Son is Given – Dr. David Platt (
  • Seasons: Enter the Story of Jesus – The Village Church
  • Waiting Here For You – Louie Giglio

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