open mouth, insert foot

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In ministry, there are really great days. In ministry, there are really hard days. The ups and downs of serving people bring great rewards and also great heart-aches. It just comes with the territory. There are days you want to shout from the mountain tops, and days where you want to crawl into the deepest cave. The good and the bad, all wrapped into one.

Recently, I had one of “those” days. Needless to say, when I opened my mouth, immediately I should have shoved my foot in, instead of allowing the words to come out. After thinking of what just happened, I immediately went and found the person I was speaking with and apologized. It was a low point, and I wanted to crawl into that deepest cave.

As a leader, there will be days like this. You will make mistakes – both big and small. You will be faces with different challenges and different opportunities. When you mess up, own it. Apologize. There is nothing wrong with apologizing. Some may see it as a weakness, but in the long run, it isn’t. Next, learn from it. many times, mistakes lead to the biggest opportunity to learn. Don’t allow a mistake to keep you from learning.

Owning mistakes are hard. Nothing about it is ever easy. However, despite mistakes, don’t allow your identity to be placed in what you do, or what you have done. May your identity be found in Christ, and in Him alone.

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