before music, the Word


Before music must be the Word. As a worship leader or worship pastor the very first thing that must resonate within your life is the Word. The Word of the Lord. The Gospel. The very hope in which we live. Often times, musicians begin with the music itself, however, when it comes to leading the gathered church, we must begin with the Word.

Think of it as if you were looking at a room full of pieces to a new piece of furniture. Then imagine that there is a list of instructions sitting off to the side… Now, imagine trying to put together the piece of furniture without glancing at the instructions. Chances are something isn’t going to go just right. You will probably end up with more of a mess than you started with.

The same idea must transpose to leading the church in corporate worship. We must be driven by the Word. Everything that we do when we gather should be centered around the Word. The music, the praying, the giving, the teaching, and the responding – it all must be centered around the Word.

As the worship leader or worship pastor, chances are you put together the order of worship or the outline in which the service or gathering will follow. Everything in that outline must be centered around the Word.

If we look back throughout the course of history, we find that order of worship and gatherings have changed. The outlines are different with each generation. The music changes – the Word does not. Be mindful of that. The Word never changes.

This week as you are preparing the outline of service for your local church, begin and end with the Word. Be a student of the Word. Spend time praying and reading through the Word. Know and cherish the Word just as much as you know your instrument and cherish the music.

Here are five things to try this week as you prep for this weekend’s gatherings:

  1. Spend as much time in the Word as you do with the music.
  2. Carve out time each day to spend in the Word.
  3. Begin to pray through the Psalms.
  4. Identify the passages of Scripture that each song that you choose was written from.
  5. Read the Word aloud.

As the person who will be on the platform the most, over than the teaching pastor, we must know the Word. We must know what it contains and how it is the driving force behind what we believe. We must love the Gospel.

Before the music, the Word!

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