a very clear reminder


As I traveled home last night from our last Wednesday night of the school year, I was hit by the reality of what just took place. For the last time in the 2016-2017 school calendar year, we would say good bye to so many smiling faces and so many different stories. (Our church follows the local school calendar for our Wednesday night activities.)

Back to the smiling faces and different stories…

For the last time we would get to see those smiling faces and hear of the different stories of kids as they travel through and try to figure out this thing called life. Whether it be a smile from a kindergarten student who is taking it all in, to hearing about what is going on at school from a 4th grader, this will never get old. The smiles and the stories are endless. And if you need a good laugh, go ask a 3rd grader to tell you something good! Never know what is going to come out of their mouths!

I digress. With those stories and smiles comes a very clear reminder… We have the greatest story ever told. The story of Redemption. The story of Hope. The story of Life. We have it at our fingertips, and in our hands. We hold the very story in which brings new life, and salvation. We have the story of Jesus.

We have the unique story of telling our story with that of redemption, hope, and life. We have a story to tell! We also have reason to celebrate and smile, just as our students did last night. A smile and a story are infectious!

Even though we close out the Awana year with our students, it is our prayer that we have made much of Jesus, sharing His story with a smile on our face. We pray that His story would penetrate their lives and hearts for His glory and renown. We pray for the homes in which these smiling faces will travel to every day. We pray for their salvation. We pray that the story of Jesus would illuminate in their hearts like never before – the story of redemption, hope, and life.

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