gospel conversations at home


Throughout the years we have been taught to go and make disciples of all the nations. Yes, with an emphatic and resounding YES, we need to go and make disciples of every nation, tribe, and people group around the world, however, we can’t neglect our own homes while doing so. When we see the Great Commission, whether we know that we are doing so or not, many times we neglect those who we have relationships with every day.

Gospel conversations at home are vital to the success of seeing the Kingdom continue to advance to the coming generations.

Have you ever taken a moment to think about all of the stuff that you talk about at home? What do those conversations look like? What is their subject matter? Who is listening to those conversations? What do we focus our attention on when we are home? These are all big time questions to ask when it comes to what is coming out of our mouths at home. Chances are, what we say at home, is where our hearts can be found.

Gospel conversations are necessary to teach the next generations about who Christ is and what He has accomplished. This can’t be left to a Sunday School teacher or even a pastor. It is important that parents engage their kids for the glory and the advancement of the Kingdom.

Please hear me out on this… I love Sunday School teachers and leaders. I am a pastor as well. But you spend the most time with your kids. You know their learning style. You understand how they function. You are there in prime time with them each day. Don’t neglect that time you have with them. I am a huge supporter of Sunday School and kids learning from different people, but the majority of teaching cannot be left to their leader for 45 minutes, once a week. Have these gospel conversations at home.

An idea for this week when it comes to gospel conversations… Let you kids in on your quiet time! Don’t run off to another room and close the door, and keep them out. Instead bring them in. Read the Word together. Pray together. Sing together. Ask them questions about what they are hearing.

If you don’t have a consistent quiet time, start one this week. Invite your kids into that moment. Teach them. Love them. Share Christ with them.

We want the world to change? Make disciples of your kids, and then send them out to make more disciples of their friends, and see what happens when Jesus’ name is made famous!


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