not just another day


With the rising of the sun, each day brings new life. Today is not just another Wednesday on the calendar. Today is not just another hump-day to get through. Today is not just a day to countdown until the weekend.

Today is a great day! Today is the start of a new day. And with the start of a new day, adventures abound. Whether at work or at home, today is a new day with new things and new ideas. Today is not just another day.

So many times in our lives we begin to see the ordinary days as just something to get through instead of seeing them as a gift from above. We take for granted those average, ordinary days, when in fact we should do just the opposite.

Look at today as something great! Try something new today at work… Or better yet, try something that isn’t in your comfort zone. Speak to someone whom you do not usually speak with. Test out a new idea on a co-worker. Take a 5 minute walk outside just to get some fresh air. Crack open a new book. Take time to dive into the Word. Write some thank you notes.

Make today great! Make everyday great! Seize the opportunity to speak life into someone! Share the good news of Jesus!

Would love to get some ideas of how you make the day great! Be sure to comment below on ways that you made today not just another day!

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