gospel conversations at work


No matter the profession, no matter where it’s located, each and every day we have the opportunity to gain in the knowledge of those around us. We have been created to be relational, and therefore we desire to get to know those around us.

Think about it for a moment… The people you work with on a daily basis are really a second family. A great portion of your day is spent with these people. Relationships begin to grow, and conversations are sparked about everything.

Why not look at those relationships in the workplace, and the conversations that are being had, to begin gospel conversations? You don’t have to get into deep theological discussions, or debate doctrinal issues. Just simple gospel conversations with those you see on a daily basis…

Now, we may seem this to be a radical idea. However, when we really think about it, why wouldn’t we want to have gospel conversations with people we work with? Think about the effect that this could have on a company or just in a single person’s life. Think about the eternal value of having these conversations. Think about the multiplication effect this could transpire into. Think about the life change these conversations will bring.

The fear of awkwardness always creeps into our minds when we think of having these types of conversations at work, but start today by looking that them with a different mindset. Look at them with the idea of sharing the greatest story ever told! Let’s choose today to get over our fear of these types of conversations and leverage our daily workplaces to see the glory of God on display through His people!

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