Today is the day in which we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and what he stood for in the midst of great trials and in the face of racism. Today, we celebrate not the man but the message in which Dr. King promoted and spoke so eloquently about. Today we celebrate the message of hope and freedom for all people. Today, we salute Dr. King and those who stood in the face of oppression and believed that all people were created equal.

Thank you Dr. King for reminding all of us that no one person is better than the other. No skin color is better than another, and no freedom is greater than that found in Christ.

As we celebrate Dr. King and his message, we are reminded of the greatest freedom we could ever have, and that is found in Jesus. He is our only hope. He is our only salvation. And He is the only King. Christ has paved the way so that all people can have life and have it more abundantly in Him.

Today, dream. Dream big. Dream about great things. Dream about the freedoms that we cherish and have. Dream about the goodness and mercy of Christ. Dream about the love in which Jesus shows. Dream. Take some time and dream. And as you dream, remember who has given us the opportunity to do so…

Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty. We are free at last.


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