start to a new year


The start of a new year brings about many different thoughts and ideas for the coming days with the idea of being able to do some new things to make this the best year yet. We think of resolutions or plans that we want to accomplish in the new year and have big dreams and goals of succeeding in those resolutions and plans. Everything is culminating in the first day of the new year…

Then, life happens. Those plans and resolutions that we set before the new year go right out the door. Our ideas soon get put on the back burner for other things that come up. We try and maybe we are successful in accomplishing the goals for a while, but then something just derails what we are doing.

2017 has been like that for me so far. I had ambitions of several things that I had hoped and planned to accomplish each and every day of the new year, and they have since gone right out the door. Whether they were too lofty of not, life happened. Things have come up and things continue to do so, and I soon become so side-tracked with everything that I forget some of the most important things in my life that I must depend on.

One of those areas is carving out a specific time each day to read through the Word. I struggle with this. Do I want to cherish the Word more? The answer is a resounding YES. Do I want to know God more and on a more intimate level? ABSOLUTELY. So why do I struggle with keeping a regular time in the Word each and every day?

The answer for me… I haven’t put a proper priority on spending time in the Word as I should. I have allowed different things to get in the way of this. I have not been disciplined enough to keep a consistent time every day.

I share that with you to say, I bet we are all in the same boat on this… And I want to encourage you, that you are not alone in this struggle.

As hard as we try, we will never be able to accomplish this in our own might. Being intentional is hard. It takes work. It takes sacrifice.

So this week, begin by trying different time slots that will work for you to spend time in the Word. Try these different times to see which one works the best. Be willing to say no to some things to put a priority on spending time in the Word. Be willing to get up earlier if needed, or stay up later. Whatever it is, be intentional this week about figuring out a time slot that works best with your schedule. I am working through this as well, and I’m working on narrowing down the slot which works best for me.

This is a process… But I know that it will be totally worth it in the end. Why do I know this? Because spending time in the Word and getting to know the Creator of the universe even more, will only strengthen my life and walk with Him.

We are in this together… Praying for you!

In Him,


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