a new day


Today marks a new day. A new day in the life of the believer. A new day in the life of a country. Today marks a new day. And with a start of a new day comes the opportunity to do something great and make today worthwhile. A new start. A new day.

Last night we waited with anticipation as we were glued to our favorite media outlet. We sat all day waiting to see what the outcome of the Presidential election would be, and if our candidate would take the mantle as the next POTUS. Our minds raced as the evening turned into night, and we continued to wait. Our thoughts went in a million directions.

And then it was over.

Today is a new day. The election season has come and gone. The campaign trails are now dusty and forgotten. Today is a new day.

Today is a day in which healing can begin. Today is an opportunity for hope and restoration to take place. Today is a day in which the Church can follow in the steps of it’s Author and Perfecter, and search out people and love them with everything that they have. Today is the day in which the winds of unity can sweep across this nation and around the globe for the eternal glory of Christ. Today is a new day.

Today we pray for both sides of the isle. We pray for unity among the discord, and hope for the hopeless. We pray for boldness to love ALL people no matter what. We pray for the Gospel of Christ to be on our lips and deep in our hearts. We pray for lives to be changed and lives to be saved by Christ. We pray for the nations of the world to see Christ and that we would be willing to take the Gospel to those nations.

Today is a gift. Today is a gift for the Almighty. Don’t waste today in basking the glow of your party’s win or dwelling in your party’s defeat. See today as a gift from the Father of all creation and use it, live in it, and be apart of it for His global glory!

Today is a new day.


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