alarmed for a reason


The course of human history will change in the coming days. There is no doubt that what we have known as life will continue to change in the days to follow. This is what human history does. This is who we are and what we do. We change and the landscape around us is constantly changing, whether we deem it to be good, or bad. Change is inevitable.

Over the last several days, actually, over the last several months, the climate of the country in which we live has changed drastically. It has changed for what some say the better, and what others believe for the worse. No matter what side of the pendulum we fall on, there will be change.

I have been alarmed with the response of believers in the midst of these impending changes to the culture around us. Am I alarmed with their idea of having to change something? No. Am I alarmed at their response to the change? Yes. A resounding Yes. Why do you say that, you may be asking yourself?

Our response as followers of Christ isn’t to call for God to take us back the nation in which we use to be. Our response as believers isn’t to ask for our side to win. Our call isn’t for us to gripe and complain if something happens the way that we don’t want it to do so. Our action isn’t to go and hide because it may not turn out the way that we want.

Our call as followers of Christ is to love people. Our call is to ask God for a movement of His Spirit to sweep across the church landscape to move us to repentance and Gospel proclamation. Our call is to proclaim the Gospel wherever we may go, and do it all for His glory and renown.

We hear today that we want comfort and blessings. We want the easy road to being a follower of Jesus, where we can say and do whatever we please whenever we please. However, may we understand that Christ did not call us as His followers to be comfortable. He did not call us to live a life of ease. He did not call us to live a life where we do not experience trouble. No, in fact, He called us to live a life that is empowered by the Spirit to be bold in our faith to proclaim Him, no matter what the cost.

The alarm has been the response of believers to seek a life of comfort and security. When in fact, our only hope is found in Christ and in Him alone, and not in a political candidate or political party.

Brothers and sisters from around the world experience persecution on a daily basis. And they count it joy to suffer for the sake of the advancement of the Kingdom. The cost of following Jesus is great, and may even cost them their lives here on earth. But… And a resound one at that…. But, He is totally worth it!

May this act of faith be said of us here in the United States. May we be willing to sacrifice our own lives and wants to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Christ, no matter what the cost.

Maybe our response to the culture changing around us shouldn’t be to ask God to take us back to the way things use to be… But may it be that we see the Word, and take Him at His Word, and go and proclaim this Word!

No matter what the outcome of this political election season may bring, may we as believers in Christ understand and fully trust that God is in complete and total control and may we count it as gain should we suffer for the sake of Jesus. And, may we love the people around us enough to go and tell them who Jesus is, no matter their political affiliation!

Father, may Your will be done, no matter what it may cost me. May your Spirit pour upon Your people to give them boldness to proclaim Jesus. May we count it joy to suffer for You! In Christ Name, Amen.

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