Never Too Old To Serve

Never Too Old To Serve

Today, I am reflecting on some conversations that I have heard over the course of the last several months. Nothing bad – well at least in what was being talked about – but something in those conversations has me very alarmed, and has my mind rolling around, and coursing through the pages of Scripture to see if what I am hearing can be found there. Of course what I am searching for cannot and will not be found throughout the pages of the Canon because it defies everything in which Christ has taught the people of God to do.

The topics of conversation revolve around being older and “doing or have done my time” when it comes to serving in and for the Kingdom of Christ. Now you may be wondering why these conversations have my mind so alarmed. Well… they 1) make me think that what has been taught to a generation was biblically inaccurate, 2) am I going to become and think like this when I get older, and 3) what are we teaching the coming generations when it comes to serving Christ and His Kingdom until He returns.

At what point has the mindset shifted to think that once you hit a certain age that you are no longer suited to serve in the Kingdom, or have the ability to serve? At what point do we as believers see this as ok? When do we agree that it is now someone else’s turn to serve?

I love this quote by Ruth Ripken:

“On the mission field, you can’t look lost people in the eye and say ‘I want to quit.'”

As believers we never stop serving the Kingdom of God. Never, ever do we quit on Christ and say that we have done our time and it is now someone else’s time to serve. We aren’t saved to sit. We are saved to serve. Christ came to seek and save the lost, and build His church on His people. We are a redeemed people who have the greatest news of hope that this world needs to hear. May we never see our lives as too old to serve and proclaim the good news of Christ to the lost world.

As we grow older in age, our passion and zeal should still be the same as it was the day in which Christ redeemed and saved us through His death, burial and resurrection. And if not the same, even greater. As we grow older, we get to see the miracles that have taken place of how Christ saves people and wants to use people to proclaim His gospel. We get to experience ministry on a first hand basis. We get to see the church grow and the people rejoice! At no point, do we stop and say that we are too old to do this!

Will we commit to never stop serving Christ and His Kingdom no matter how old we become?

We are in this together… No matter what age you may be or what stage in life you are. We are apart of the global church who desires for Christ to return so that we can be with Him forever.


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