Reflections from the SBC 16

Over the course of the past couple of days I have had the opportunity to watch the Southern Baptist Convention that is taking place in St. Louis, and the Spirit of the Lord has been at work there and in my very heart as I sit and watch online.

The big snapshot of my viewing and the Spirit’s working – Unity.

Just this morning I watched with anticipation the election of the SBC president. The office came down to two men who have shaped their churches and communities by their faithful call to proclaim the Gospel of Christ from the mountaintops and in the valleys. Dr. JD Greear and Dr. Steven Gaines stood before the messengers of the SBC, and Greear did something that was unprecedented. He voluntarily removed his name from the election, therefore making Gaines the winner.

This was something that wasn’t just on Greear’s mind only, but also on Gaines’. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the two men met last evening with both wanting to remove their name from the ballot, speaking and seeking unity among the SBC. In the end, Greear stepped aside, so that their would be unity among the convention.

Greear and Gaines displayed something that we all should seek – unity among the people of God for the glory of God.

From this great picture of unity, may we take it back to our churches and to our homes. May we be unified under the name of Jesus to make His name known among the nations for that He receives the glory!

We can’t do this alone… No one person, and no one church can fulfill the Great Commission. We need unity among the people of God for His renown. We need unity among local churches to set aside differences and work together to spread the Gospel of Christ.

We are all apart of the global church… Let me say that again… WE ARE ALL APART OF THE GLOBAL CHURCH!

We can do more together and we can apart. We love all people and proclaim the Gospel to all people!

I am eternally grateful for the SBC and the leadership of our churches. Dr. Gaines, I pray and I know that you will lead us well! Dr. Greear, thank you for your servant leadership and I pray you will continue to lead us well!

May God be glorified in His people for His renown and His fame!

Let us serve Christ Together,


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