Every Nation, Tribe, and Tongue

Oh what a picture this will be when people from every nation are gathered around the throne of Christ proclaiming His name forevermore! What a glorious site we will see when the gathered church is home with Christ, worshiping Him for eternity.

Currently, I am sitting in a local coffee shop, and I am taken back by the numerous people groups that are represented in the establishment. It’s pretty remarkable that in a small city area, so many nations are represented!

With that in mind, when we think of every nation, tribe, and tongue, no longer do we need to associate those words with just people oversees or in a remote village somewhere in the African jungles. We need to realize that the peoples of the world are now at our doorstep.

Will we wake up from the slumber that we have been in, or choose to continue in life with our eyes closed and our mouths shut, and cease to proclaim the greatest story ever told? The opportunity is before us – with a directive given by the Sovereign King. It is our privilege and responsibility to share and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus with everyone!

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