What’s Your Passion?

Have you ever thought about what your passion in life is? What stirs deep within the depths of your soul that causes your emotions to go wild? What is it that you care most about and want to spend all of your time doing?

These are the questions that we need to ask ourselves every day. Our passion will drive what we do with our lives. If you are passionate about cars, then you will try to spend our time doing things with cars. (This is not one that I am passionate about… I have no clue about anything when it comes to cars, especially when they start to break down!) If you have a deep desire to support a team, then you will do everything you can to do so. You will travel to see the team play, sport the team’s gear, fly the team’s flag… And who knows what else…

Browns-Fans_display_imageTrust me, I am not hating on Cleveland Browns fans… Some of the most passionate people in the world. They have found their passion and will do just about anything to make sure their passion is on display to the world.

Think about that for a second… Passion on display for the world to see?

Absolutely! When you’re passionate about something, you don’t want to keep that inside. When your heart overflows the natural thing to do is to share it with someone. You can’t keep what your passionate about to yourself. Your passion must be shared for the world to see.

So, what are you most passionate about? Take that passion and run with it!


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