Update From Camp

After many, and I REPEAT, many trips to the coffee pot, day two is almost in the books at Crossings at Jonathan Creek. Needless to say the sleep is minimal, and the Axe body spray is the ever raging aroma that is coming forth from our precious students who seem to think that rest and a bath are a thing of the past.

Despite all of that, this week the students are learning what it means to PROCLAIM – in particular, what it means to PROCLAIM the Gospel of Jesus. The timing of the camp theme this year is never more appropriate than it is now with the ever changing cultural and moral shift that is taking place throughout the globe. As they are learning, we are praying that they – and us – will take this glorious Gospel to the ends of the earth, no matter what the cost. Why? Because Jesus is so worth it!

Will you join me this week as we pray for the students who are experiencing Crossings, and experiencing the love of Christ maybe for the very first time. I am praying and expecting God to change the hearts and lives of our students for His glory and His renown. Will you join with me in doing so?

Serving Christ together,


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