Pray for IMB, Platt, and The Church at Brook Hills

If you haven’t heard or have seen already, Dr. David Platt has been named President of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Platt succeeds Dr. Tom Elliff as leader of one the largest international mission organizations in the world.

As the transition begins, we must commit to praying for the IMB, Platt, and also the church in which he currently leads – The Church at Brook Hills. Christ has called us to pray for our leaders and pray for laborers to be sent into the harvest, so we must pray! We pray for the IMB. We pray for Platt and his family, that the transition in moving would go without a hitch. We pray for the Church at Brook Hills as they will be moving into a transition period as they look to find Platt’s successor.

In all of this, Christ has called us to be faithful to Him and His Kingdom. In doing so, we must pray and support the leaders in which the Holy Spirit has guided to lead us. Will you commit to praying with me for the IMB, Platt, and the Church at Brook Hills?

May we serve the King together for His glory!


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