the world watching

wc2014How cool is it to see the entire world come together to celebrate a soccer tournament that only happens every four years? It truly is remarkable about how the world, every person, has been so consumed with national pride as they/we support our teams. Whether you are a soccer fan or not, it is something to be celebrated that we as a world can come together for an event. Just how cool is it?

That’s the question to be asked and answered… It’s really cool to see people show major support to their nation for their soccer team and desperately cheering them on to win the World Cup.

Now I say this, with something even greater in mind. Something in which every nation, every tribe, and every tongue will be a part of one day. I say this with great anticipation for the glorious day in which the Kingdom of God is full of people, from everywhere, worshiping at the throne of Christ! What a day that will be! Just think, we get so pumped up about a sporting event that includes the entire world, but just imagine what it will be like when we are celebrating with Jesus!

So, as we celebrate this World Cup, let us do so with a mindset of seeing the Kingdom of God one day. Let us cheer on our teams with great passion and let us do it for the glory of Jesus!


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