is there a problem in corporate worship?

Over the past several weeks, there have been numerous articles floating around the world-wide-web stating that the church is in for a rude awakening because of a problem in the modern evangelical worship. Several writers have expressed concern for the way the church worships today and how it is effecting our time in corporate worship, especially when it comes to the music, and the way the room looks when we gather. However, may I pose another question for us when it comes to corporate worship… Could it be a problem with our hearts?

It is interesting that we should come to the age-old topic of music in the church and how it greatly affects people. The church for the past 20 years has been engulfed with what has become known as “the Worship Wars.” This era in the church’s history has caused a rift between church-goers. It has caused people to literally fight over what type or style of music that is to be presented during Sunday services. Whether the theology, or doctrine of any particular song was spot on or way off, it really didn’t matter as long as it was sung in the correct style in which pleased the people. And slowly, throughout many churches, this little thing started to creep in – personal preference.

The church has experienced its ups and downs over the course of history, but one thing has not changed… The message of Jesus and the glorious redemption that is found in Christ. This marvelous salvation that only comes from a relationship with Jesus has given us new life. It has changed the way we live, and do any and everything.

So may we pose the question that this idea that something is wrong in the modern music of the church could be an issue with the heart? God created humans to worship. He created us to imagine and He created us to live. This is what has brought about innovation, and imagination. Could we see that through this creative God, He has used us to be creative ourselves and write new things for the church?

We must be sure not to create idols of “the way things were” and of “the style of music that I like.” If we do, then we are saying that our wants and desires are more important than this glorious gospel in which Christ has given us. We must not put our worship preferences above the One in whom we are worshiping.

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