prayer and the early church

When we look at the early church in the book of Acts, we find that every major movement of God comes about in response of the prayers of God’s people:

  • Acts 1 – They devoted themselves to prayer
  • Acts 2 – Because of their prayers the Spirit of God pours out as flames of fire and 3,000 people are saved.
  • Acts 3 – Peter and John go up to the Temple at the time of prayer
  • Acts 4 – At the beginning of the chapter, many who heard the Word believed and the number came to 5,000.
  • Acts 6 – They devoted themselves to prayer again at the beginning of the chapter and a few verses later the disciples were multiplying greatly in Jerusalem
  • Acts 7 – At the end of the chapter, Stephen looks and prays up to Heaven
  • Acts 8 – Right after Stephen’s prayer, the church scatters and preaches the Gospel wherever they go.
  • Acts 9 – Paul is saved and connects with Ananias – all within the context of prayers
  • Acts 10 – Peter and Cornelius praying and the doors are opened for the spread of the Gospel to the nations.
  • Acts 12 – Peter is in jail and the church is praying. Peter is poked in the side by an angel during the night and walks out of the jail.
  • Acts 13 – Paul and Barnabas are set apart and sent out after prayer and fasting by the church. This would spark a missionary movement that would turn the Roman Empire upside down and forever change and alter the course of history.
  • Acts 16 – Paul and Silas are in prison. They are praying and worshiping, when God sends an earthquake and frees them. Because of this the Philippian jailer and his family are saved.

God in His providence has not called us to watch history but called us to shape history for the glory of His great name through prayer! May we devote ourselves to prayer! May we implore and plead with God for mercy upon those who are not saved and plead with Him for His power and presence in the people of God, for His glory!

Let us realize that our self-sufficiency will do nothing… but our dependency on God will accomplish His will and His Kingdom. May we plead with God to see His glory!

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