ramblings this week… thoughts from personal quiet time

This past week, I have spent quite a bit of time in personal quiet time – seeking the will of God for my role as a worship leader / worship pastor. Through this time of reflection and worship, I am finding that the role of the worship leader is more than that of leading a song or engaging a congregation in corporate singing, but to make disciples. Now, you may think that this huge revelation is so small in the realm of reality, but is it? Should a worship leader make disciples? Or better yet, how is a worship leader suppose to make disciples?

That is the question that keeps coming back in my mind. How do I, a worship leader who gets to spend 20 to 25 minutes each week with an entire faith family, be intentional about making disciples? How do you make disciples through song? These questions continue to spiral throughout my mind each and every day.

From some research and seeking what the Word says, we find that Jesus commanded each believer to be a disciple-maker. Therefore, as a worship leader, I need to make disciples. And who do I start with? I start with those who are in my circle of influence; those who I work closely with each week. I must start with my team. I must look to be intentional about making disciples with the people who lead each week. I must spend time encouraging them, admonishing them, teaching the Word to them, praying with them, and serving alongside them!

Just some thoughts…


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