Thoughts from NOLA

The weekend has come and gone… The warm weather, and the tired feet have past, but something still lingers in my mind and thoughts. What if… (Just imagine)… What if revival broke out in one of America’s greatest port cities? What if repentance and a longing to search and seek after Christ began to spread throughout NOLA? These questions keep lingering in my mind after being back in Kentucky for the past several days. Actually, what if revival broke out in the US? Ponder that thought for a second… What would America look like? How would our country change, and really how would the world change?


These are the main thoughts that are moving around my mind after spending a weekend in New Orleans with Impact Church. Our group spent time on Saturday morning knocking on doors in Gretna, near the area in which Impact Church is located. From my estimation our group of 12 knocked on nearly 500 doors to homes in a span of 2.5 hours, all to invite them to a movie. That sounds crazy to us, who live in the Bible belt, and a church on nearly every corner of the street. But during those 2.5 hours, the thought began. What would happen if repentance took place in a city like this, and we saw a true movement of God take place? 


We walked through the French Market and Quarter on Sunday morning, prior to setting up for church on Sunday night, and the overwhelming pattern of thought was – “Christ, you commanded every follower to go and make disciples of all nations. You didn’t give this command as a suggestion, but gave it to the church as the reason for it’s existence. Am I making disciples? Am I following your commands? This city needs Jesus. The world needs Jesus. America needs Jesus. How can I join in the Kingdom’s work?”

(Now just imagine that thought as you are walking and suppose to be enjoying the morning and the beautiful city.)

I don’t really know what I am asking or really even saying as a conclusion to this blog, but what I do know is that I want to be a part of the advancement of the Kingdom by making disciples, who in turn, make disciples. It is my prayer that the church – the people of God – would repent and seek after that which Jesus has called us to… Make disciples. May God receive glory and honor in all that we do.


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