revival begins with repentance


Revival only begins with repentance.

So many times we coin the phrase, “Come to revival at_____________!” But really are we just getting together for another church meeting?

True revival takes place within the body of Christ, as an outpouring of repentance and seeing Christ in his beauty and holiness, and our desperate need for His presence.

When we look at Jesus, we find that His first word of His ministry on earth was Repent. Then we go back a few pages in the Gospel accounts and find that John the Baptizer was preaching on Repentance. The apostle Paul taught on Repentance over and over in his letters to the church. And when we see repentance take place throughout Scripture, we find that a great move of God was the result.

Church, may we consider this season as one of repentance? May we look to the Almighty and see Him for His holiness and majesty, and look upon ourselves as unworthy? May we see sin for what it truly is? May we come to repentance before Christ and His church and experience true revival that changes the culture?


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