In just a few weeks, a group will be traveling to Ecuador for a week long trip to purposefully make disciples who make disciples. This will be my first international mission with our team. A little nervous? Yes. Hopeful and full of expectation? Yes. Excited to share the Gospel to brothers and sisters around the world? Absolutely!

As our team preps for the trip, I would ask that you specifically pray in this way:
1. That God would be glorified in all we do.
2. That the Gospel would proclaimed and Jesus would shine.
3. That disciples would be made, who then, turn around and make disciples, who make disciples.
4. The couples who will attend the marriage conference we are leading.
5. The people in Sucre would be accepting of the Gospel of Christ.

Those are just a few things!
Will you commit to praying for the team and the people we come into contact with in Ecuador?

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