go kids worship gathering

Go_KidsMinistryHave we ever thought of the massive generation that is coming behind us that we are not reaching? Have we considered the cost of not sharing the gospel with the future leaders of tomorrow? Have we forgotten about those who will one day make an impact on others around them? Have we forgotten the next generation?

These are questions that our churches must be asking themselves when it comes to kids ministry and also our church culture as a whole. Today is different from yesterday and tomorrow will be different from today. That is why we must start NOW, before it is too late.

Beginning this fall, NF Kids Ministry will begin a third gathering on our campus on Sundays. At 11 a.m. there will be a gathering in the main worship center, and go kids worship gathering in the ministry center. The go gathering is for students between the ages of K-5th grade.

We hope to see your students in the fall!

One thought on “go kids worship gathering

  1. Awesome post and so glad God sparked the idea in someone’s heart. Watching for it to ignite!

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