God and Our Lives

Yesterday, I took some time to get alone with God and watched a sermon from Dr. Ronnie Floyd called “God and Our Lives”. Dr. Floyd offered four points about this very topic and the first one struck me in a way that I never would have imagined.

  1. God creates us and allows us to live to bring Him glory.
  2. God is doing something new.
  3. God has led us before and will lead us again.
  4. God ALWAYS makes a way.

Just thinking about my life, I knew that I was created to give God glory and be an instrument for the nations for the glory of God, but something just hit home. We, EVERYONE, was and is created to bring glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Just imagine your life without a purpose… Oh wait! Your life has a purpose and that is to bring the Creator of the world glory!

How cool is that! Our lives were created to give glory to God! I don’t know about you, but if you needed a word of encouragement today, then let that soak in!

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