Worship News at NF

Over the next several weeks we will have some talented worship leaders leading at New Friendship. Next Sunday (June 10) Melvin Chambers will lead during all the services on our campus, and Father’s Day (June 17) Greg Hale will be leading us in worship.

The Worship Choir will be leading worship at NF on June 24th, as well as special guests on that day! The Worship Choir will be singing “O The Blood” on that Sunday! Just to give you a little idea about this song, check out the link! “O The Blood”

If you don’t have a place that you call your home church, we hope that you would join us at New Friendship! We offer two identical services on Sunday morning. You get to choose the time, either 8:30 or 11 a.m. There is Sunday School in between the two services for you to go deeper into the Word!


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