What is Foundations?

Foundations: A Christ-Centered Parenting Journey was birthed out of the idea of parents taking back their God-given responsibility and privilege of serving as the primary disciple-maker of the lives of their children.

The reality is that many of us have outsourced the spiritual guidance of our children to someone else—the local church, Sunday school teacher, volunteer, grandparent, or someone else. While others have the ability and opportunity to speak into our children’s lives, God has ordained for parents to be the primary disciple-maker.

What is Foundations: A Christ-Centered Parenting Journey?

Foundations centers on building the foundation for parents to equip, support, and thrive in their everyday lives as they lead and guide their families to know and follow Jesus Christ. Foundations serves as the backbone of utilizing the God-given responsibilities and tasks for both dads and moms to lead their children to love the Lord Jesus. Foundations is broken into 16–sessions in video format to help guide parents as they navigate this journey of leading their children. Foundations does not replace the necessity of the local church. Community and support is found in the local church and Foundations speaks to this in one of the sessions.

Alex & Meghan Watkins, with their two sons.

About Foundations Creator Dr. Alex Watkins

Alex is passionate about seeing the next generations come to know Jesus and live to serve Him around the globe. Discipleship is at the forefront of his ministry and desires to see the scorecard changed in the local church from success in attending and giving to success in going and making disciples of all the nations starting at home and moving across the globe. Alex and his wife Meghan have three children in whom they are committed to serving and nurturing in the ways of the Lord.

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